Walpole Island First Nation

The Parkway is located in the traditional territory of the Walpole Island First Nation (WIFN). Traditional knowledge and respect for prairie have been integrated into the project through the involvement of WIFN who have been stewards of Tallgrass Prairie and Oak Savannah for thousands of years. WIFN has worked to support environmental stewardship and to promote economic initiatives and employment opportunities. WIFN has been a valued partner and an active member of the project team, contributing to the archaeology and natural heritage investigations and playing a role in restoration and species at risk transplanting efforts.  In addition, consultation and collaboration with WIFN artists, community members and elders, has enabled the reflection of aboriginal culture and tradition in the aesthetic’ elements of the Parkway.

Danshab Enterprises, a Walpole Island-based business employing local residents, has undertaken a significant component of the species at risk plant relocation work and restoration efforts within the Parkway. Danshab Enterprises’ local employees’ traditional and cultural knowledge has been integral to the success of this work.